Rolls-Royce Black Badge Arrives in Taiwan

Rolls-Royce Black Badge, first unveiled at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, is today launched in Taiwan with the arrival of Black Badge Ghost.

Rolls-Royce Black Badge speaks to the darker, more assertive, confident and demanding aesthetic of a new breed of Rolls-Royce customer – today’s generation of young, self-empowered, self-confident rule-breakers who are uncompromising and unapologetic in their choice of living and lifestyle. Their predecessors include Howard Hughes and our own Charles Rolls and they follow the road less travelled and live the unconventional life, darkly obsessed by their own pursuits and accomplishments from which they derive a pure adrenaline rush.

The transformation of Rolls-Royce Ghost and Wraith into their Black Badge alter egos begins with the ‘Flying Lady’ who changes neither in design, posture or material, but in colour to represent the owner’s dark obsession. She mutates into a high-gloss black vamp, proudly scything through the night-time cityscape. Equally, the Double R badge on the prow, flanks and aft of every Black Badge motor car invert to become silver on black, whilst chrome surfaces such as the front grille surround, boot lid finisher, lower air inlet finisher and exhaust pipes, turn dark.

The power of Black Badge communicates itself into the ground through new composite carbon fibre and lightweight 21-inch alloy wheels unique to Black Badge.

Inside, the centrepiece of the Black Badge cabin is the aerospace-grade aluminium-threaded carbon fibre composite surfacing – material often seen on the surfaces of stealth aircraft. To create this beautiful and innovative material, threads of aluminium just 0.014mm in diameter are painstakingly woven together before being bonded with carbon fibre. This surface material then has six coats of lacquer applied, is left to cure for 72 hours, after which it is hand-polished to a mirror finish. In addition to the creation of this luxury material, the air vents on the dash and in the rear of Black Badge motor cars have been darkened through the use of Physical Vapour Deposition.

Set into the cars’ fascia is a newly created Black Badge clock whose hands are tipped in orange and whose face is adorned by the ‘Unlimited’ rating infinity logo, which is also embroidered on the Black Badge’s upholstery.

The final touch is the moody light cast from the black starlight headliner, and reflected around the cabin from the polished fascia, to create a darkly atmospheric ambiance.

Black Badge also brings the colour black to new levels of intensity. The multiple layers of paint and lacquer that go into creating Black Badge Black are repeatedly hand polished – the most exacting painting and polishing process ever used for a solid paint colour. The result is the deepest, darkest and most intense black ever seen on a production car surface.


Ghost Black Badge

Ghost Black Badge benefits from a power increase of 40hp (30kW) to 603hp (450kW) and a torque boost of 60Nm to 840Nm, whilst upgrades to the 8-speed automatic transmission give Ghost Black Badge an added sense of urgency in how it delivers its power. In the first Ghost Black Badge for Taiwan, black interior leather combines with the vibrant yet sophisticated colour of Tailored Purple, giving the cabin a more edgy feel.


Wraith Black Badge

Also available to order in Taiwan from today is Wraith Black Badge. Already the most powerful Rolls-Royce in the world at 624hp (465kW), Wraith has always been the most driver-focused car in Rolls-Royce’s model range. Wraith Black Badge benefits from 70Nm more torque, bringing it to 870Nm, in addition to tweaked air suspension and an upgraded gearbox leading to more spirited driving. With this, Rolls-Royce has produced an even more driver-focused, agile Wraith, while at the same time preserving the intrinsic elements of the effortless Rolls-Royce Magic Carpet Ride.